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After a long time of the standard way, there's a New Age of Real Estate...

The "Commission-Free Real Estate Movement". 

This is how smart people buy and sell homes.




(No credit card needed)

Sellers Program: $299 One Year MLS listing

Buyers Program: 1% Rebate of Purchase Price after Closing

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As a flat fee brokerage iRealty is a respected element of the real estate community that enables those selling on their own to market, navigate, and transact within the real estate arena which is often overly restrictive from undue pressure of full-service agents.



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EQ: Sale Price $350,000

Full Commission Brokerage:                                 
6% Commission = $21,000

iRealty Savings: (two ways to save)
1.)  No Buyer Broker  =  $21,000 
2.)  With Buyer’s Broker  = $12,250


EQ: Sale Price $350,000

iRealty's 1% Rebate = $3,500 Savings


                     "The Educated For Sale By Owner"




There is no reason in this day and age not to sell on your own unless, you don't want to save money.  Even if you are hesitant about selling you home yourself, with our plan you need not be.  If you can answer calls and do your own showings iRealty can guide you through the entire process.  With iRealty you will receive the same exposure and counseling as any full commission real estate brokerage, while saving yourself thousands in commission.  iRealty will provide you a yard sign and all the legal documents needed to sell your property.
National studies show that more than 90% of potential home buyers start their home search on the Internet. And for you, the seller, to get your home advertised on the top sites like where home buyer's shop you must be listed on the MLS first.  The majority of homes are not sold by the listing office, usually another office finds the buyer.  It goes to show you that, it's not as important which office lists the home, as it is that it's listed on the MLS. If the buyer does not use a broker, then no commission is due at closing.  If there is a broker who represents a buyer, the commission amount is set by you.  We suggest a commission of 2.5% so that there is an incentive for the broker to show your property.  

You will not be charged for any changes that you wish to make for your listing.  The only thing that we must enforce is that for commission and price changes, we are required to obtain those changes requests in writing.  It doesn't not have to be complicated at all.  It can be on a plain sheet of paper in your own handwriting with your signature or email stating something to the fact.



 Only 3 Steps to Sign-Up for Seller Program.

   1) Download and complete your forms. 
   2) Order flat fee program
   3) Submit forms & pictures.  

Within 24 hours of receiving payment and a completed listing packet, your property will be on the MLS. 



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