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  1. Home Buyer Rebate Chicago

    By using the iRealty home buyer rebate program you are not sacrificing quality service.You will be working with one of the finest realtors in the Chicago area - Vanessa Carlson. She has been awarded "Top Producer" for consecutive years because of her friendly, enthusiastic, and whatever-it-takes nature. And Vanessa represents you! Since she earns her money from the commissions paid by the seller ... her service to you ares free

  2. AND she rebates back to you up to 50% of her commission, or it can be as much as 1% of the selling price. This means  for an average home in the Chicago area, you can walk away from closing with about $3,000 in your pocket!

  3. Call Vanessa now at 708-542-4577 or reach her below:

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    When you Sell with iRealty and Purchase your new home with iRealty you SAVE MORE! 

    Illinois Home Buyer's Rebate

    iRealty Buyers Program:HOME BUYER REBATE

    iRealty combines the best of its selling and buying programs to save you thousands of dollars. Your savings will maximize when you save in both, buying and selling your home.

     Purchase Price                 Cash Back Rebate             Example Rebate

    $200,000 - $350,000              .5% of Purchase Price               $350,000 = $1,750
    $350,001 - $500,000              .75% of Purchase Price             $500,000 = $3,750

    $750,000 +                              1% of Purchase Price               $750,000 = $7,500

    Home buyer reabate

    Found you own property and just need a contract submitted:

    DISCOUNT PROGRAM SAVINGS Sale Price $350,000
    Sale Price $500,000 Sale Price $750,000
     Contract Submission 50% of 2.5% Commission  $4,375  $6,250  $9,375

    *All programs are based on 2.5% buyer agent commission less any fees. Rebate may be lower if the buyer agent commission is reduced. Properties under $200,000 do not qualify for rebate.

    Why work with anyone else?

    Benefits of a Reb

    The buyer can use this rebate for their down payment, closing costs, to purchase points on their mortgage, and sometimes can even take the rebate as cash at closing. It’s important to note that if you’re using a mortgage lender to finance your home, they 

    for sale by owner cash back at closing

    have to approve how you use the rebate. Many lenders won’t let you take the rebate as cash at closing.

    Rebates allow you to afford a more expensive home, or to save on your down payment for your dream home.

    Are Rebates legal?

    Yes, t is legal to offer Buyer Rebates in 40 states including Illinois. According to the US Department of Justice, Rebates make homes less expensive. It encourages competition to bring down the cost of selling a home and helping consumers save thousands of dollars. You can read more about Buyer Rebates on their website at

    Our mortgage brokers we work with also provide a Rebate!

    The Next Step:

    Get Pre-Approved: 
    It is a good idea to get pre-approved by at least one lender before touring homes so you know what you can afford. However, once you start making offers, you should compare at least two lenders; your Realtor will be there to help represent your interest.

    Mortgage Loan Rebate:
    We again save you money! iRealty works with a lender that will provide a rebate at closing. To add to your already iRealty rebate.
    Make Offers:
    Work with your Realtor to craft a competitive offer. All offers are signed electronically so you never have to fax, print, or scan any documents. Electronic offers allow us to act fast and send out offers in a matter of minutes.

    Work closely with your Realtor and transaction assistant to ensure all inspections, contingencies, and details are taken care of.


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What my clients are saying  

I worked with Vanessa a couple years ago to sell a house in the suburbs. Her assistance was professional & affordable. I would recommend her to anyone willing to show the property themselves and will certainly use her again when the need arises. Sincerely, Marc J


~ Marc J.

We found Vanessa when we decided to sell our house FSBO. We ended up getting our offer on the first day. Many think that this is a simple process, that they take pictures, write up a description and place on the MLS. What you don't see is the amount of work that goes into the process, pulling comps, getting the price exactly right, the negotiating process, communicating with all the involved parties, etc. etc. We originally choose Vanessa based on cost, only $299 out of pocket seemed like a no brainer but what you don't know is that she handles I cannot stress enough that she is your acting broker, you are selling FSBO but she acts and works as your broker. The only difference is that she does not take a percentage of your profits, she only takes her nominal flat fee. It is very surprising how she does this, why she would want to do this. I am guessing it is for repeat business which I am sure she gets a lot of given that she is a true professional and hard worker.


~ Christin R

Future home sellers, I want to let you know that I have been very impressed with the professionalism I experienced with iRealty. Vanessa Carlson kept me abreast of the steps required to complete the home sale process. When I had questions she responded quickly and offered helpful advice. She worked hard to help me sell my home. I recommend her to anyone desiring to work with a true professional. Marie Cooper


~ Marie

We wanted to take the time to say Thank You! for such a wonderful job you did in helping us sell our home. Your professionalism and your warmth made it easy to work with you. I have to say that you definitely went beyond the scope of work for us and if that is your company’s philosophy you should be very proud of that. In todays economy, having our house listed on all of the web sites you subscribe to was truly a benefit. We wish you well in your business and will gladly contact you again if we have any other properties for sale. People can’t believe when I tell them how reasonable your service is and the fact that the difference in selling it through iRealty directly vs realtor/broker commissions is huge. It allows a seller to be a bit more flexible knowing that they have that cushion. Thanks again for all of your efforts and we would be happy to serve as a reference for any iRealty prospective clients that you may have.


~ Frank and Debbie

For 2 years we had our house on the market with a Realtor. We had some showings but no offers.even though our whole house was updated. We decided to try one more time to sell; however, this time we would sell the home by ourselves. A few days after we put a sign on the lawn and on the corner advertising that our home was for sale By Owner we met Vanessa at a home show. She explained her services and she was down to earth and seemed so genuine that we decided to give her a try - especially since the home was still By Owner; we just now had perks of having the home being advertised as if I had a realtor. We had it up for sale for 6 months and had 3 contracts on the home and we did recently close. Vanessa was great to work with and even recommended a lawyer for our closing. The difference was truly amazing. I would recommend Vanessa and IRealty to anyone.


~ Cherie and Carl

Hey Vanessa, Thank you so much for all the help you have given me with this property listing. Choosing to use an alternative form of listing service was a gamble, but this has turned out very well. From the beginning the service has been exemplary with a well thought out, well constructed, user friendly web site; prompt replies to my various calls; and above all, truly professional service. I will certainly recommend your brokerage to others. Thanks for everything and please feel free to use me as a reference.


~ Denise

Nothing but good things to say about Vanessa,she was very thorough in everything she did. She was my agent on a number of properties and i had no hesitation recommending her to some of my friends.In a tough market her experience and professionalism was invaluable and when i need an agent again i would immediately call Vanessa.


~ Vinny

I was very fortunate to meet Vanessa at the right time in this interesting real estate market. Her professional manner and knowledge of current conditions were very helpful in managing a profitable sale. I look forward to working with her again.


~ Aaron K.

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